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Social Media Marketing Services

 Knowing and listening to the consumer is now more important than ever. Social media marketing strategies are the perfect opportunity for companies to ensure their emotional bond with their consumers, thus achieving and increase in their lead generation and boosting their sales. Thanks to the millions of users who currently communicate daily on social networks, plan marketing actions in these important channels is the most effective way to connect your message to desirable customers. Our goal is to significantly evolve the way your company relates with its users, enabling a closer interaction, conversation and genuine feedback.


Social Media Channels

At InterDev Pros, we adapt the way you communicate with your clients, the periodicity of your actions and your specific use of language and tone. This is done for the various different social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. We build and grow communities with real audiences, that are connected to your brand. We’ll define the management and tone of the communication with your followers and carry out all of the monitoring and control of results.


Paid Advertising on Social Networks

Today, given the saturation of content that exists in social networks, it is advisable for companies to allocate a budget to invest in paid advertising; so that they can successfully achieve their business objectives. No longer is it enough to have an optimized digital presence or good content, if no one is watching or interacting with it. Currently on Facebook a fan page can organically reach traffic with only 5% – 20% of total fans. Paid advertising is the most effective way to increase your presence in these channels. Nowadays the most used social networks in payed advertising are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Advertising

These are one the most widely used digital advertising platforms for brands seeking to implement social media marketing actions. One of its main advantages is the detailed segmentation of audiences, through the interests of users. Instagram for example, is a network that continues to grow rapidly and with it, comes the possibilities of developing online marketing actions. Whatever your commercial objective, you will be able to take them through Facebook Business Manager, where together we will choose the type of campaign that best suits your needs. Whether you want to promote publications and increase their reach, bring traffic to your website through advertising or achieve  conversions  on your site or invite users to install applications, InterDev Pros will make it a reality.



Unlike traditional advertising, one of the greatest advantages of social media marketing is the possibility to track and measure your actions. This allows us to give our customers a transparent and honest results report, where you can see the detailed impact of each action taken. Using this data, we can effectively tailor social media strategies to the nature of your customer base and community. Don’t wait any longer, and make the decision to boost your business through these important communication channels.

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